A Modular
Snap-on Design

Reinvent Your Suit for Every Occasion
with Our Snap-on/Snap-off Lapels


Fun, Fashion
& Flexibility

The Perfect Suit for Every
Adventure and Celebration!


Dress Clothes
the Dress!

A Blend of Sophistication,
Comfort, and Versatility.


Style and Comfort Combined

Discover our collection of versatile suits


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Style and Comfort
Meet Fun

Explore the fun features of our versatile suits.
Designed for maximum comfort and easy care!

What makes LilaPants' suits so unique?

  • We Can Take You Anywhere

    Your suit can suit any occasion or vibe.
    Our versatile lapel lets you reinvent your suit every time you wear it.

  • Real Pockets

    Pockets! Full pockets in the pants and a generous jacket pocket make a purse totally optional.

  • Comfort = Confidence

    Your comfort is our priority. Stretch fabric, forgiving waistband, soft satin jacket lining and no itchy tags.

Styled to Suit You!

Looking for inspiration?
Explore our handpicked looks, curated by our design team.

Play Hard, Look Sharp

Unmatched Comfort and Flexibility in Every Move.


“If necessity is the mother of invention, conflict is its father.”
- Kenneth Kaye

My mom and I argued because I hated wearing uncomfortable, itchy dresses, so we created a solution. These are the suits I wanted, and the ones my mom wanted to buy…but couldn’t find.
Now you have a choice in what you wear to your next occasion. We hope they suit you!

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